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Discover how to launch, monetize and build an audience for your bestseller.

This event will bring together the best book marketing experts in the industry to teach you how to attract fans, increase sales, and create a thriving author business FREE (for a limited time).

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Discover how to build an audience for your bestseller.

This event will bring together the best book marketing experts in the industry to teach how to create a thriving author business FREE (for a limited time).

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Featured Expert Sessions

Day 1

Tom Antion

Secrets To Making Millions With eBooks: Unconventional Strategies To Spend Less and Earn More As An Author

In this expert session, multi-millionaire marketer Tom Antion reveals one-of-a-kind methods on writing, publishing, and promoting ebooks you won't hear anywhere else. You'll discover how to create quality ebooks at lightning speed, a way to potentially have sponsors to distribute 50,000+ copies of your book, and the strategy that earned Tom nearly $4 million from a single ebook.

Ben Settle

How to use World Building to create an audience of Raving Fans even if you are just starting out.

In this expert session, Ben discusses how to build and curate an audience, so that their is a mutual trust and loyalty. No one quite does this like him, which is why you don't want to miss this one!

Geoff Affleck

Get Discovered And Make More Sales By Optimizing Your Amazon Book Page

In this expert session, book marketing consultant Geoff Affleck shows what your Amazon book page must have to make sales. You'll see how to find the best keywords to get free traffic, the biggest sales page mistakes that keep a book from selling, and simple tweaks you can make today to potentially boost sales.

Christine Kloser

3 Secrets Every Author Must Know Before Writing a Word of their Best-Selling Book

In this expert session, Christine shares her formula for setting your book apart from all the rest and making you a transformational author. She will walk you through it step by step, and will leave you with that aha moment.

Shelby Leigh

Social Media Secrets That Sold Thousands Of Books (For Free

In this expert session, bestselling poet and social media marketer Shelby Leigh unveils the social media strategies that brought her tens of thousands of book sales without paid ads. You'll get a simple strategy that attracts new readers even if you have absolutely no following, the step-by-step process to turn random strangers into book buyers, and the "barely any time for social media" approach that delivers results in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Judith Briles

Make Marketing Fun: Cool Resources To Build Your Audience and Influence

In this expert session, 'The Book Shepherd' Judith Briles shares resources and tools to sell more books while having more fun. You'll see how to grow your email list, create book-selling graphics in minutes, and increase your influence online even if you're just starting out.

Day 2

Troy Broussard

How to use the Inside of your Book as a Permanent Marketing Machine

In this expert session, Troy discusses his wide range of experience in software, books and business. We dive deep into his aversion to tactics, and why he only focuses on strategy. Then shares how a powerful, inexpensive tool can change your marketing.

Dave Chesson

Self-Publishing In 2023 And Beyond: What's New With Keywords, Categories, And Dangerous Scams

In this expert session, book marketing master Dave Chesson exposes how recent developments can both help and hurt authors. You'll discover how to use Publisher Rocket to unlock hidden keywords and categories you may have never thought of in any genre, a strategy to find hot book topics if you're stuck on what to write next, and the most recent scams that could cost some authors a fortune if you don't take specific precautions.

Ellen Finkelstein

Building Trust using Daily Email and Great Partners

In this expert session, Ellen shares how she evolved her business start with her contributions to the For Dummies series, all the way to sending daily email and becoming a trusted advisor to her audience.

Paul Brodie

The 2023 Amazon Book Launch Formula: How To Unleash More Sales And Hit Bestseller On Command

In this expert session, book launch specialist Paul Brodie discloses how his team has been able to launch 111 bestselling books and counting. You'll discover the tried-and-true book launch formula responsible for 110+ bestsellers, the way to work with Amazon's recent category changes, and what to do during and after a launch to sustain sales.

Kris Safarova

How To Build an Audience for your Book for the Long Term

In this expert session, Kris shares her approach to building a long term audience, while staying true to yourself. Realize the things that scare you are probably the most valuable to your audience (and they won't scare you after this conversation).

Philip Duncan

Leveraging The #1 Long-Term Sales Driver For Authors... Email Marketing

In this expert session, award-winning and bestselling novelist Philip Duncan breaks down exactly how authors can use email to sell more books. You'll see how to turn personal stories into compelling emails, the best strategies to build an email list from scratch, and the exact way to send a cold pitch that leads to a 'Yes! I'd love to promote you!" response.

Day 3

Joshua Sprague

Break Through Resistance, Unlock Your Creativity, And Get More Done In Less Time

In this expert session, bestselling author Joshua Sprague helps you achieve greater levels of creativity and productivity than ever before. You'll uncover a way to "force" creativity on command, how to 'break the rules' and still be successful, and the secret to getting over the fear of self promotion. (Contains some explicit language).

Daniel Throssell

Email Marketing Secrets For Authors... From Arguably The World's Most Controversial Email Writer

In this expert session, "Australia's Best Copywriter" Daniel Throssell gives you strategies to write emails so good, your fans will be addicted to reading everything you send them. You'll find out how to generate endless ideas for captivating emails, what people who "hate selling" can do to sell without being obnoxiously salesy, and the proven book launch strategy that's led to multiple #1 bestsellers.

Joris Van Leeuwan

How community can help you sell more books, get you more reviews, reach a bigger audience, or grow your business.

In this expert session, shares how he has built a community for authors to support the non-fiction side of his book business.

Honorée Corder

How Non-Fiction Authors Can Go From Best-Selling Author to Best-EARNING Author

In this expert session, publishing strategiest Honorée Corder walks you through specific steps to thrive financially as a non-fiction author. You'll see ways to add extra income beyond royalties, how to write a book that sells for years on end, and a method used to sell thousands of books in a single shot.

Monique Danielle

Format Your Book Like A Pro In Minutes... Even If You Have Absolutely Zero Design Skills

In this expert session, Atticus specialist Monique Danielle shows exactly how to turn a basic manuscript into a professionally formatted book without hiring a formatter. You'll see how to save hundreds to thousands of dollars on formatting, a walkthrough of how to use Atticus to create a professional manuscript in minutes, and the ultimate shortcut to update books all your books at the push of a button.

Day 4

Ray Brehm

How to Save a Fortune and Build An Author Platform with Pubfunnels

In this expert session, Ray walks through why he founded Pubfunnels software for authors, and provides a quick demo. He shares why for the right author, it is most likely a no-brainer to consolidate and simplify the tech (the Bestseller Secrets Summit is run on Pubfunnels).

Bryan Cohen

Amazon Ads Quickstart: Create Your First Ad In Minutes

In this expert session, Amazon ads master Bryan Cohen reveals how to set up your first Amazon ad with techniques that work best right now. You'll discover the fastest way to get started with Amazon ads, how to fix 'broken' ads that aren't performing, and where to go when you need to scale up your ad performance.

Derek Doepker

Building Authority: How to Use Consistent Contact Through Email To Establish Your Book and Business

In this expert session, Derek shares how he builds and creates consistent authority and visibility with his audience, via daily email stories, tips and motivation.

Brian Berni

Book Ads Secrets: Up-To-Date Strategies Using Amazon and BookBub Ads

In this expert session, Amazon ads master Brian Berni shares his best advertising strategies for both fiction and non-fiction books. You'll discover the difference between authors who lose money vs. make a profit with ads, a step-by-step advertising plan for a book launch, and exact recommendations for selecting keywords, bid prices, and more.

Tom Morkes

'Future Proof' Yourself As An Author

In this expert session, Iraq War veteran and founder of Insurgent Publishing Tom Morkes decodes how authors can succeed for years to come... no matter what new technology comes out. You'll uncover what's is and isn't working in 2023, how to have an edge in a post-AI world, and the timeless principles that ensure you succeed whether or not you keep up with the latest trends.

Karen Ferreira

Start, Grow, and Engage Your Email List

In this expert session, book marketing specialist and children's book illustrator Karen Ferreira provides a gameplan to start and build your email list. You'll discover the best offers to build your list, what children's book and other authors can send to engage their fans, and a proven method to have other authors to promote you to their audience.

Day 5

Thomas Umstattd

The Latest and Greatest Author Tools To Publish and Promote

In this expert session, book marketing master and host of The Novel Marketing Podcast Thomas Umstattd shares the top tools authors can use to write, publish, and promote their books. You'll hear about the latest tech and software that can transform your writing, build your audience, and return countless hours of wasted time.

Paula Judith Johnson

How a Fiction Author used a Virtual Summit to Build a Business

In this expert session, Paula shares how one year ago, she was a fiction author looking for a way to turn her passion into a business. Two summits and a couple of courses later, and she is a force in the books business.

Jon Benson

AI For Authors: Ethical Ways To Use AI To Help You Sell More Books

In this expert session, creator of the video sales letter and artificial intelligence expert Jon Benson unlocks ways for authors to ethically leverage AI to help with book marketing. You'll discover unconventional methods to use AI to make your marketing easier, why most AI writing is horrible (and how to fix it), and the near 'magical' method of using AI to create marketing assets in minutes.


Ray shares his Unique "Behind The Scenes" Glimpse of the Bestseller Secrets Summit

In this session, Ray shows you the tech behind the Bestseller Secrets Summit, and shares why he believes every author should host a virtual summit. Imagine having a great reason to interview everyone on this page. That is what a summit does for you, and this session will show you it is not as difficult as you think.

Steve Pieper

Over $1 Million In Book Sales By Selling Direct To Readers

In this expert session, thriller novelist and marketing master Steve Pieper breaks down how his author students sell millions of dollars worth of books via direct sales. You'll find out his #1 way to attract book buyers outside of Amazon, how to sell print books direct to reader without you lifting a finger to ship them, and the exact 'beyond Amazon' business model that's generated millions in sales for authors across genres.

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Hi, I'm Derek Doepker.

I’m a former aspiring rockstar turned seven-time #1 bestselling author. I discovered a proven process that took me from struggling author to selling over 75,000 books. Now I share this process with experts and influencers to turn their knowledge into a bestselling book.

Meet Your Host Ray Brehm

Hi, I'm Ray Brehm.

Ray Brehm is USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, and the founder of Pubfunnels™, the #1 Business Hub for Authors.

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